E-commerce logistics


  • our e-commerce logistics department meets the modern requirements of companies operating in the B2C e-commerce and especially in the logistics e-commerce sector
  • our flexibility allows us to adapt our work processes to the needs of B2B, point-of-sale replenishment, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • our logistics for e-commerce locations have several buildings for werehouse activites. The current locations also ensures a large availabiity of skilled labour
  • the geographical location is strategic, only 20 km from the A4 motorway exit and halfway between Milan and Turin

Third party warehouse management

  • full WiFi coverage in our warehouse
  • hand scanners, wristbands and ring scanners are constantly connected to the central unit. This allows us to check stock as well as other e-commerce logistics activities online
  • we use RFID-coded checkpoints to verify the correctness of the products sent in
  • our logistics for e-commerce sites use only technologies that guarantee quality and efficiency


Our warehouse is equipped with a complete park of all types of forklift trucks. The manual unloading of containers is backed up by the collaboration with a Cooperative and a Temp Agency in order to satisfy all the needs, even the unexpected ones.

Quality control

Our employees have been trained and have a long experience in the quality control of clothing, home textiles and hard goods. We follow the sampling charts AQL 6.5 but our flexibility allows us to adapt to the needs of our Customer.

Our management software

  • the software has been updated and improved over the years. This allows us to provide simplified and flawless stock and inventory management. We can monitor stock levels instantaneously
  • our AS-400 operating system can be upgraded and the software duplicated
  • we can offer an exclusive storage space to give a secure and exclusive access to the companies that entrust us with their logistics for e-commerce


  • our warehouses are equipped with racks suitable for both boxes and pallets;
  • there are also additional warehouses with different areas nearby. Thanks to our registration system, we can find the goods very quickly;


We are able to collect massive loads directly from the stocks and then sort in batches or final orders using the Boxtech technology. Utilizing our programs we can arrange daily or weekly stocktakings in order to ensure the fastest possible demand satisfaction.

Sorter packing

Our Sorter is the safest and most economical system for our thirt party warehouse because:

  • the Sorter, in e-commerce logistics, allows us to optimise picking by picking goods in large batches that are sorted down to the individual order, thus simplifying the work of the packers
  • before closing the package, the parcel preparer scans the barcode of each individual item and the corresponding shipping document to increase the quality of third-party warehouse management

Some informations

  • we prepare and sort orders in small batches using Put to Light technology
  • our e-commerce logistics has a manual packaging line for heavy and bulky items to meet all requirements
  • we have a specialised department to handle returned goods and undelivered parcels

Picking and easy picking

We have a picking method that EAN labels, now present on all products. The ring scanners connected by Bluetooth we guarantee maximum efficiency and zero picking errors.