GetaLine has stipulated favourable agreements with the main national and international couriers; based on the situation, the benefits could be largely extended to our logistics Customers.


Traditional or rotating, the pre-, post- and all the inventory differences evidence.


GetaLine is a great Customer for manufacturers of boxes, envelopes and other consumables. By using our services you can benefit from our reserved rates.



We are able and carry out regular activities of labeling, packaging
and shatterproof packaging of all kinds of products using automatic
packaging machines or manual interventions. We only use recyclable
materials with low environmental impact.

Laser Printing Service

We are able to personalize modules on reel thanks to 2 printers, with the yield in b/w up to 600 pages per minute.
We can print single sheets of various duplex sizes in b/w for long runs.
We also provide a color printing service for limited runs.
On completion of the printing service we pack the customized (or not) advertising material with the use of 3 Pitney Bowes inserts.


Guaranteed competitive advantages

More and more Customer requests are forwarded through the internet. In order to answer promptly, often there is lack of time, personnel with specific training or suitable software. We are able to respond adequately to the growing number of e-mail contacts and chat contacts by analyzing your dialogue with the Customer in the most efficient way.

All activities, from the simple e-mail processing to the most complex back-office services, for ex. the clarification of the balance sheets or the sending reminder documents, take place respecting the established service parameters. Automated routing and multi-level quality control are innovative tools that provide you with superior quality services.

  • Management of back-end system interfaces
  • Quick and qualified answers to multi-channel requests
  • Personalized and target oriented communication


Services for a complete contact!

To complete the range of services offered and extend it to written communication. These processes require a team of competent and efficient collaborators.

  • Back office activities such as the complaints management and written withdrawals
  • Data and coupons collection
  • Correspondence management
  • Fax management of incoming and outgoing faxes (also in digital form)

Get a Link!

We lend ourselves as a manager for the collection and processing of e-commerce orders, for the processing of pre- and post-sales contacts, for the creation, selection and forwarding of newsletter campaigns.